We are proud to announce our newest Charity Partner – Smile Network International! Smile Network International is a non-profit humanitarian organization that provides life-altering reconstructive surgeries and related healthcare services to impoverished children and adults in developing nations.

What kind of surgeries do they perform?

Smile Network has medical teams that do reconstructive surgeries for cleft lips and cleft palates.

Why are these surgeries so important?

These surgeries can be life saving procedures for the very young. If they cannot get nourishment, they often cannot survive.

It is also giving dignity to patients of all ages; that feeling of being accepted, of fitting in.

How much does it cost for a surgery?


How can you help?

For each Medical Monkey you purchase, and select Smile Network International as the Charity, they will receive $10! For every 50 Medical Monkeys we sell, we can give a child a smile 🙂

Smile Network International was founded by  Kim Valentini. Kim left her 25 year corporate career, fueled with a passion for travel and the desire to pay it forward….Smile Network was born. Today Smile Network currently has over 20 surgical sites around the world!

We first learned of Smile Network International thru a Celebrity Lip Sync Event they held in 2014. Knowing a few of the participants we knew it was already going to be a fun event. Little did we know how hearing from Founder Kim Valentini would impact us. At the event my husband bought me a birthday gift, a gorgeous leather purse they had brought back from one of the mission trips. When we learned the purchase of my purse would cover half the cost of a child’s surgery…SOLD! To this day I think of the great work of Smile Network every day I use my purse, and it makes me smile.

If you would like to learn more about Smile Network International, or be directly involved with an event, adventure travel, or volunteering for a mission trip, check out your options on the Smile Network International website.


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