The Monkey that started it all ~ the Monkey Lanae’s Mom took with for each hospital stay.

How we started

The story of Medical Monkeys is one that many people can relate too. The mother of our founder, Lanae, was diagnosed with cancer. A helpless feeling was compounded by not knowing what to say or do. Family members and friends rallied around her Mom. What began was a 12-year battle with three more cancer diagnoses and many hospital visits and nursing home and rehab stays.

But it was that first seven week hospital stay that was the beginning of Medical Monkeys. Lanae’s mom’s room was filled with flowers and plants that began to wilt, balloons that deflated and empty boxes of candy. Of course, not everyone who wanted desperately to be at the hospital, could be there. Lanae’s brother, living out of town, was one of them. Rather than one more flower bouquet, he sent money and asked that Lanae’s three young children buy something from him that would last and let his Mom know he wanted to be there.

The kids bought a stuffed monkey with Velcro hands and feet. A perfect reminder to Mom of her son’s love and one that literally hung around her patient room. It hung on door and drawer handles, swung from the IV cart and sat on the window sill. Lanae’s Mom loved it! Her monkey was a hit with the doctors and nurses too. It was cute, cuddly, unobtrusive and required absolutely no upkeep! Through 12 years of chemo and radiation treatments, the funny and friendly little monkey tagged along with Lanae’s mom. He was her constant companion and reminder of the love surrounding and supporting her during her medical journey.

Medical Monkeys is born

Based on the hit of the first monkey, Lanae and her family started sending these unique little guys as gifts to friends and family members recovering from surgery, illness and to those just needing a reminder that someone cared. The monkeys were a hit, every time and with everyone.

In 2012, in honor of Lanae’s mother, Medical Monkeys was established. Not content with just offering a cute gift item, Lanae wanted to incorporate her deep-seeded desire to support worthy charities. A partnership with a few charities began with a commitment that with each Medical Monkey purchased, $10 would be donated to charity. As word spreads about Medical Monkeys more and more charities ask to be a part of this unique business.

In 2013 Medical Monkeys officially launched online. It was just a few short months before Lanae’s Mom passed away.

Old World Limited (parent company of Medical Monkeys) was a proud Sponsor for the American Cancer Society Relay for Life – Survivors Lap in honor of Lanae’s parents!

Helping out our friends at the Salvation Army North on #GiveMN day.

Medical Monkeys Values

  • We are a family-run business and bring our family values to each customer interaction:
  • We believe in honesty and treating people with respect.
  • We believe in “paying it forward” which is why we are committed to our partner-charities.
  • We believe in customer service and with 16 years of experience running our parent company, Old World Limited, we know each interaction must be of the highest standards.
  • We believe in customer privacy is why we will never share your information with any other company or “spam” you.
  • We believe that variety is the spice of life and continually look for ways to serve our customers.

If you are interested in partnering with Medical Monkeys for a charitable event, or would like to be added to our list of Charities, please Contact Us

A visit to one of our charity partners, Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota, Mpls campus.

If your organization would like to partner with Medical Monkeys, please contact us:

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