Medical Monkeys are the distinctive way to show love and support while donating to a health related charity. Cheerful and reassuring, a Medical Monkey will be there when you can’t be.

Looking for a unique gift to say you care?
When you know someone in the hospital or recovering from an illness or injury, give the gift that lasts. Unlike flowers that wilt or balloons that deflate, a Medical Monkey is a lasting gift that can “tag along” on a loved one’s medical journey.

Medical Monkeys hanging around while you're feeling down

Give the perfect gift and $10 goes to charity
When you give a Medical Monkey, you select which of our many listed charities will receive $10 of the purchase price. And because each Medical Monkey is personalized with the name of the charity you chose, your loved one or friend will know the group receiving the donation.

Medical Monkeys gift supporting charities

Order online, anytime
Purchasing a Medical Monkey is easy and fun. With a variety of styles and colors to choose from you can pick just the right one that will be a constant reminder of your love and support. We’ll take care of the rest. Your Medical Monkey will be sent to your friend or loved one whether they are at home, in the hospital, or a skilled care facility.

Medical Monkeys gift - Hanging around while you're feeling down